Wednesday, June 20, 2012

day 145 Pop tab choker

Next step in my devellopment. Being secure enough to show myself in pictures. \o/

This is me and the choker I made.

Make pop tab items:

 * 1 fly and 1 butterfly plant sticks, so I can sell them as sets of two
* green crochet 4 leaf clover
* pop tab bag
* necklaces in the colors black, messing, blue, green and aluminium
* pop tab arm covers
* pop tab  can cozy (tabistry)
* pop tab pop tab pencil case (zip ties or crochet)
* red and sea shell version of my pop tab heart necklace
* pop tab necklace cross blue and aluminium
* pop tab fly in the color black, pink, red, blue, green, gold, orange
* crochet pop tab napkin rings
* earrings pop tab guy and girl, girl and girl an guy and guy
* earring 1 pop tab and swarovski crystal
* earrings 1 pop tab and chainmaille earrings in the colors black, messing, blue, green, aluminium
* earrings 2 pop tabs and chainmaille earrings in the colors black, messing, blue, green, aluminium
* pop tab pencil holder
* pop tab devil
* pop tab bowtie and tie with satin ribbon
* pop tab heart earrings red, seashell, white, black, blue, green
* pop tab choker wit fire opals crystals in between

 To buy list:

*serges (overlock sewingmachine)
* hairclips

 Photograph and list them

* photograph and list 7 necklaces
* photograph and list 2 bracelets


* ------

Make  non pop tab items

* drawstring jewelry bag (sewing width 4 inch, length 6 inch)
* floppy disc pen holder
* floppy disc bag
* woodburn rune birch  pendant (order necklaces)
* upcycled armwarmers with kneesocks (grey and purple)


* redo item descriptions on etsy
* read complete seller handbook


  1. Mooi! En wat leuk om te zien hoe je eruit ziet! Groetjes Mirjam

  2. Hello brave Monique-in-the-picture!

    Nice choker. You had a bracelet with firey orange beads between the tabs, that could work as a choker design too?