Sunday, March 4, 2012

day 57. Pop tab chainmaille bracelet european 4-in-1

My chainmaille skills came in very handy today. I used a chainmaille technique called european 4-in-1 to attach the pop tabs to each other. This was the result.

Also listed  2 of my former creations for this project in my shop

This one has been sold to one of my faithfull followers of this blog. Hope you will like it as much in person as in the picture :)

Also listed this bracelet in the 7 1/4 inch (18cm) and 8 1/4 inch (21 cm) version. You probably can see them in my etsy mini on the right side of my blog :)

How do you people like the tree bark I am using in the picture? I like the result myself.

1 comment:

  1. :) I'm sure I will LOVE it, I'm so excited!!!
    And I really like the tree bark (Birch, right?).